The first post

I’ve been dithering since I got to Montpellier about whether to write a year abroad blog, and have finally decided that it’s probably worth the effort and the risk of boring people. It seems like the best way of keeping everyone to speed on my new life in France, and sharing interesting things/recommendations/photos, and anyone who’s not at least a little bit interested in what I have to say presumably won’t be reading this! The main reason for the delayed start is the sheer amount of stuff I have been doing, in addition to the fact that I was without internet for the first week (one of the most traumatic things that’s happened to me so far!) I also wanted to wait until I was a little less homesick, as any posts written in the first couple of weeks would probably not have been much fun to read…

I’m going to try and do at least once-weekly posts (probably more often at the start, if I get round to it), and I plan to keep them relatively short, as my own tolerance for articles and blog posts is about 4 paragraphs. Can’t promise they won’t end up longer though! Photos to follow soonish, as I’ve just got round to ordering a camera.

So just to start off, here’s a few basic details about me for those who don’t already know:
Name: Rowan (If you didn’t know that then I really don’t know why you’re reading this!) 
Age: 20 years 
Occupation: French and Linguistics student
Current location: Montpellier, a medium-sized city on the south coast of France. Life is hard.

More to follow very shortly. Hope you enjoy! 


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