I really wasn’t sure whether I should post this, but I think it would be very difficult, and perhaps disrespectful, to continue straight away with ordinary updates. I have already had to tell more people than I expected about this, as it is by far the most significant thing that has happened here, and I can’t bring myself to skim over it. I’m going to keep this brief and simple but I am sure the incident will speak for itself.

On Friday, I went out with my cousin and a group of other students who I had met that evening, all of whom I was very much looking forward to getting to know. We went the wrong way to the club, ending up next to the motorway, and one of our group, a 22 year old boy named William, was hit and killed by a car whilst trying to cross. Although I had met him only a few hours before, he was clearly an incredibly lovely person, and his sudden death is the most cruel and shocking tragedy. My heart goes out to his boyfriend, family and friends, whose pain must be unimaginable.

In the light of what has happened, the things I was thinking of posting seem trivial, but I think it is vital to hold on the little day-to-day moments and feelings that come to seem unimportant after something like this, so hopefully this will just be a brief hiatus. The best tribute I can pay to William’s memory is to take absolutely everything I can from my own life and experiences, rather than letting his death eclipse everything else.

However, although I am continuing with my classes and keeping busy, it was an extremely traumatic event to witness, with an unthinkably sad aftermath. I expect it will take things some time to get back to normal, so I may be a little out of contact for a while. I am incredibly fortunate in having so many wonderfully supportive friends and relatives, who have been very present over the last few days despite the physical distance from home, and I appreciate them all the more after what has happened. I hope you will understand the wait for the next update, which will undoubtedly be more light-hearted than this one.


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