Photos at long last! A quick tour of Montpellier (and a bit of Carcassonne)

So, I finally bought a camera and it seems like high time I posted some photos. I should clarify that I took most of these on a cloudy evening; this is not an accurate representation of the South of France as it has basically been sunny every day since I got here.

Chez moi: This is actually my room in an unusually tidy state. Please don’t judge. It is very tiny but has a fridge and shower. The mysterious black and gold object on the desk is my electric piano, which I play sitting on a high chair with my feet resting on two very large dictionaries. Knew those would come in handy eventually… 

My corridor: There was literally nobody here for the first week after I moved in. Thankfully I have now managed to befriend my very lovely French neighbour (and scare some of my more stereotypically French neighbours, who seem suspicious of the weirdly friendly English girl).

My building: not a lot to say on this really. It’s where I live at the moment and isn’t very pretty, even in the dark.

This is the road to my accommodation – it’s only 10 minutes to the tram stop but for some reason it is an incredibly annoying walk. There are about a million crossings and as the French have a stupid rule that cars can turn right whenever they like, the green man serves only to lull you into a false sense of security.
I have never actually been to this particular crêperie, but I felt it was important to illustrate just how important a part of my life here crêpes are. I’ve literally averaged about one a day.
Place de la Comédie: standard meeting point for more or less anything in town. At the far end of the picture is the tourist office, my beloved source of internet throughout my first week here. 

Arc de Triomphe: Yeah Paris, we have one of those too. Apparently it’s actually older than the Paris one anyway. And less surrounded by traffic.

Part of the Promenade de Peyrou, a big grand esplanade/park. There often seem to be people in white coats doing weird tasks that sometimes involve chanting, throwing eggs and running round and round the pavilion thing. I think it might be med school initiations.

The aqueduct-de-something (I actually have no idea what this is called). It goes an incredibly long way and is pretty impressive. I ended up underneath it on a run during my first week having thought I’d gone in a different direction – this was a nice surprise until I realised I was completely lost and spent a good hour getting back!
There are lots of pretty little squares and cafés – this one is called ‘toast’tea’ and to my knowledge serves neither of those things. Nice place to sit and drink Orangina though. 

One of the stunning little back streets in the Old Town. There are quite a few of those bikes sticking out of walls (top left) dotted around town, as well as some small mosaics of Space Invaders (haven’t got a photo of those). I feel like they must mean something but haven’t found out what yet!
My first actual exploring-the-local-region trip with some friends. This is Carcassonne. It’s pretty cool.

I mean seriously, it doesn’t even look real! We walked most of the way round the walls and also explored the middle of the fortified city, where we found (and of course  had to sample the produce of) a VERY fancy chocolate shop. My new life dream is to open a chocolate shop and become immensely fat.
This is from the castle, which we got into for free purely by virtue of being EU citizens under the age of 25, before spending the entry fee on posh chocolate instead (see above). 


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