POLICE, POLICE!! In which yet another bureaucratic nightmare unfolds.

Alas and alack, I really thought everything was settling down at last… I was even halfway through a post about my busy but wonderfully predictable schedule. Why then, might you ask, am I not writing said happy missive? All will be revealed in this EMERGENCY UPDATE POST which, due to the massive overdose of adrenaline my body decided I needed at the time of writing, may be the tiniest bit all over the place.
To set your minds at rest, here are some things that have NOT happened:
  • I have not been arrested.
  • Duncan has not been arrested.
  • Nobody I know has been arrested.
  • I have not become an undercover policewoman (although I may have angered one.)
  • I have not been in any way injured or maimed.
  • I have not missed (or caused anyone to miss) any trains, planes or other expensive pre-booked travel arrangements.
  • Voldemort has not returned to take out the rest of the Weasleys.
  • I have not caused any physical harm to our landlord.
I realise the last two may not be strictly relevant to the current drame, but I thought I’d set everyone’s minds at rest anyway. Now for a brief chronicle of recent events.

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Glossary of Terms: Part 2 (Now contains health-giving acronyms!)

The last week has been somewhat rocky, but my flatmate and I are beginning to get back on our feet after the deeply disappointing loss of our apartment, and have been diligently (read: desperately) flat-hunting. Given that the only two-month lease two random foreigners are likely to get is a holiday apartment, I think it’s particularly impressive that we’ve resisted the urge to take out a massive loan and spend several thousand euros a week on a luxury villa. My overall mood at the moment is fluctuating between all-encompassing hatred and slightly alarming hysteria, so I’m going to disperse my rage in manageable increments throughout the next instalment of my year abroad dictionary. Enjoy.

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