Slightly Disappointing Soup: A food-based requiem to my old flat.

Right near the beginning of this term, I made several batches of soup, one of which (“spicy kidney bean soup”) was Slightly Disappointing. It wasn’t bad, just bland and odd-textured in a mildly upsetting kind of a way. This inadequacy was then augmented by my adding almost half a pot of ground black pepper in a misguided bid to “give it a bit more oomph,” resulting in a soup that was no less bland, but a bit greyer and more sneeze-inducing. The main problem with this soup, however, was that I made around ten litres of the wretched stuff, which I dutifully soldiered through over the course of several weeks, despite it constantly and painfully reminding me of my own culinary failings.

Flash forward to last Sunday, when we’re moving the final bits and pieces out of our flat and discover a large, mysterious tub of Food at the back of the freezer. I assume it’s Bonnie’s; she assumes it’s mine. When we open it in the new flat, I stare apprehensively at its impassive, beige surface, and the horrifying realisation dawns on me that it is, in fact, yet more of the Slightly Disappointing Soup, masquerading as some kind of exciting chicken dish. It’s back… You could argue that it never really went away.

Anyway, in honour of the old flat and the more or less successful cooking exploits it housed, here are some “recipes”. By which I mean “anecdotes about things that have happened, tenuously shoehorned into a food-based theme”.

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Ich bin ein Berliner: the A-Z of my new favourite place

Yes, I know I study French. Yes, I know they don’t speak French in Germany. And yes, I know it’s perhaps unwise to fall in love with the capital of the wrong country, but unfortunately I appear to have done just that. Here’s twenty six reasons why:

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Busy as an abeille: a week in my glamorous life

Guten tag! Yes, I know that’s the wrong language, but I’m currently in Berlin. I’ve been procrastinating once again, so you’ll notice that the week I’m basing this on actually occurred before the last post I published. This time I’m going to fill in the gaps about what I’m actually doing here with an illustrated guide to my super-organised diary. 

Ignore most of the stripey yellow boxes, most of which are imposters from my choir’s calendar



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