Spring has Sprung

Shortly after my return to MontyP after Christmas, my optimistic plan to spend every day from February to May at the beach was quashed by this remark from a volunteering colleague : “Ah oui, à Montpellier on a un bel automne mais un sale printemps.” This translates as “Montpellier has a beautiful autumn but a dirty spring”. Not just ‘a bit grey’, not just ‘mildly disappointing’; a DIRTY spring. I can’t claim that our overcast skies compare to the ridiculously apocalyptic weather the UK’s recently endured, but I have to say I felt a little disillusioned.

However, after months of drizzly greyness, the occasional bit of Saharan mud-rain, and several disappointed guests who’d been promised wall-to-wall sun, the aforementioned has at last broken through the clouds and the tauntingly humid greyness has blossomed into actual Good Weather. It seems that the South of France has finally decided to live up to it’s reputation as the crack den of Vitamin D junkies (guess who’s been watching Breaking Bad?) In honour of the fashionably late spring, I’m going to guide you on a mental journey through a few of the springtime sights, sounds and smells of Montpellier.

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