Learn with Lyster: A brief summary of my year abroad life-lessons

So I was going to do a “Ten Year Abroad Commandments” style piece, and then halfway through I realised that
a) Everyone and his dog has already done one of those
b) They are nearly always i) preachy ii) kinda obvious
c) I already overuse numbering in this blog (see above).

The upshot of this is that I’m just going to write a super-casual list of Rowan’s Top Tips for Life Especially When You’re Abroad For A Year, as gathered from the nebulous learnings of my time spent in a country I chose arbitrarily when I was 13. I lay no claim to be any more relevant as an advice-giver than any other Year-abroaader, or indeed than anyone at all, but these are the pearls of wisdom that I thought were worth remembering and sharing.

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