The twelve days of Christmas 1: The disapproving gaze of Mary Berry

As it’s that time of the year (and, of course, I need to celebrate my SUPER EXCITING move to a new blogging platform), I thought I’d spread some good cheer and festive spirit with a daily cartoon based mini-post – consider it my present to you. In principle there will be twelve of these, although in practice I promise nothing. Merry Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas…

I made a pecan pie.

I don’t like Christmas pudding, so I tend to cook some kind of alternative; usually it’s chocolate based, but this time I branched out into the sticky and time-consuming world of the pecan pie. This was not only my first foray into the field of pastry, but also the first time I’ve cooked anything from the Great British Bakeoff calendar I was given last Christmas. The recipe was (perhaps predictably) underspecific, with instructions such as “bake the case blind” WITHOUT any indication of a) what on earth that means and b) how long to keep the damn thing in the oven. This is not helpful for those of us who don’t have a PhD in deciphering baking jargon, but fortunately the internet exists, so I was able to pad out the sparse instructions with ones that were actually useful. However, though I followed the recipe (what there was of it) to the letter, I found myself continually haunted by – you guessed it – the disapproving gaze of Mary Berry, staring out at me from the insufficiently chilled butter, the unevenly rolled pastry and the underbaked crust. I probably won’t be trying any more Bake Off recipes… Scan 15 In the end, the pie came out looking astonishingly pie-like, and didn’t even partially collapse. Looks like there is such thing as a Christmas miracle *prances off in a flurry of sleigh-bells and fairy dust* 10881878_10204521809197222_6453898635162070820_n


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