The twelve days of Christmas 12: Empty nest syndrome

Well, here it is, number 12 – the finish line. I MADE IT! Against all odds, I have struggled through and written… twelve paragraphs. Well, it’s something, although I don’t suppose I’ll be getting a medal anytime soon.

While this ridiculous idea of doing daily blogs has felt increasingly like a millstone I’ve hung around my own neck, I have to admit my life suddenly feels a tad directionless without it. This is a happy coincidence (a.k.a. deliberate piece of motivation engineering) with the fact that I’ve just returned to Oxford and therefore to the increasingly terrifying prospect of writing my extended essay.

However, the exceedingly tiny life-crisis brought on by my own personal christmas-blog-baby being all grown up is nothing in comparison to the empty nest syndrome Mum’s exhibiting now that Duncan and I have both disappeared off to uni in the space of two days.  As I’ve pointed out, it’s probably better that your children (temporarily) fly the nest than that they remain in it past their sell-by date, lolling uselessly about and eating all the food like a monstrous human cuckoo. This observation apparently wasn’t all that consoling.

Still, eight weeks isn’t all that long, and we humans are lucky enough to have things like phones and the internet. So don’t worry Mum, I’ll stay in touch!

empty nest syndrome

However, there probably won’t be any more posts for a few weeks/months, unless I’m dramatically more efficient with my work than expected. I may try to upload the odd cartoon or brief, ill-formed reflection on something or other, but for now, goodbye and happy new year, and try not to miss me too much.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me – you’re inflating my ego beautifully!


One thought on “The twelve days of Christmas 12: Empty nest syndrome

  1. Rowan,
    Thank you for these blogs, they are SOOO entertaining. I know exactly how you feel about the millstone and the emptiness of finishing as I have done similar things. In years gone by I gave myself the task of writing a single “front” page of a newspaper each day for a week at the railway centre. Each March we have a “work week” and some years ago I set about doing a broadsheet to review the previous day and inform on the coming one. Needless to say some of the utter drivel I wrote became harder and harder to conjure up and I was so relieved when the week ended. Why did I do it for 3 consecutive years? Proof of insanity, I suppose, though I did enjoy it – sometimes – but each year it became a chore as the week progressed. I had some crazy stories such as the one about an extension to the Grand Union Canal when I found someone digging a six foot trench or another time a post hole borer putting in fence posts became a search for oil to expand our finances. The copies were eagerly lapped up by around 25 each day and, 20 years later, I find that some still have their copies – amazing as I junked mine some time ago.
    Good luck with the essays.

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