Don’t tell anyone, but I left the bubble: Strasbourg in pictures and poems

I went to Strasbourg for 3 days to visit my young friend Tom ( and practice my French. I don’t really have time to write a proper post, but here are numerous photos-with-commentary and a few poems for NaPoWriMo (national poetry writing month). It’s supposed to be a poem a day which means that so far, naturally, I’ve managed about seven, most of which are pretty short and hasty – here’s an extreme example from day 3:

I forgot to write a poem,
I forgot to make it rhyme,
so instead I’ve written nothing:
what a shocking waste of time.

There might be a second installment around the end of May – keep your eyes and ears peeled.  Continue reading


The end is nigh: Wisdom gained among the dreaming spires

You might be wondering why you haven’t heard from me lately. The answer is simple: Oxford has sucked out my soul, put it in a blender and returned it to me as humourless soup in a leaky paper bag. Melodrama aside, I have been working pretty flat out, and somehow creativity has ended up on the back burner. So, in a sudden and alarming bout of heroism, I’m going to fight the system and assert my rights by doing a couple of posts DURING FINALS TERM (*dramatic music*). 

And so continues the slow descent into finals madness. It would be both tragic and untrue to claim that I haven’t had any fun since Christmas, but it’s probably fair to say that learning in many forms has taken precedence over literally everything else. Much as I’m sure you’d like to share in the tiny amount of knowledge of Rabelais that I’ve managed to retain since second year, I’ll be writing quite enough about him in the near future so, instead, here are a few newly reinforced truths about Oxford life. Continue reading