Oxford: The good bits

Since I finished finals (yes, I FINISHED FINALS!) a week ago, I’ve been having a lovely time and thought I’d do a slightly sentimental rundown of my time here while everything is looking rosy. However, every silver lining has a cloud, as they say, and I’m currently also working on a post along the lines of “everything that is horribly wrong with Oxford” – stay tuned. I intend to make it more interesting than a rambly rant, so it will be aired either next week, or in about a month and a half, depending on whether it reaches completion before I jet off to Vietnam (yep, I’m going to Vietnam for a month. Currently we have booked flights to one end and back from the other, but planned absolutely none of what we’ll do there. Wish me luck!) In the meantime, please enjoy this list of things I like about Oxford life. 

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