Hue and Hoi An: encounters with the unexpected, the vaguely anticipated and the downright predictable

I write this long-delayed post in an internet cafe in the Mekong delta, next to a tiny child who has spent quite some time watching Minecraft parodies of pop songs. (Update: I’m editing it back home – internet cafes were harder to find in the second half of the trip!) Since the last installment, we’ve travelled hundreds of kilometres along the twisted rollercoaster of fate, the level ride of the first couple of weeks having become somewhat bumpier recently. Here are some of the peaks, troughs, unexpected bends and loop-the-loops, along with their relationship to what we thought was immediately ahead of us:

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On and off the beaten track: Some communicative difficulties

In the time since you last heard from me, I’ve been to Sapa and Dong Hoi, and am now using the computer of the Easy Tiger hostel in Son Trach village, in the Phong Nha Ke Bang national park (update: now an internet cafe in Hue [update of update: now an internet cafe in Hoi An. This is going slowly]). Our journey halfway along the country has allowed us to experience the full gamut of miscommunications and general confusion. Here’s an account of our epic journey along said gamut.

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First impressions of Vietnam

You’re going to have to wait for the ranty post about the horrors of the Oxford system, because I’ve somehow ended up halfway across the world and am consequently far too busy having fun to think about all that right now. I’m (almost) disappointed to say that there have been very few entertainingly disastrous moments to date; but never fear, I’m sure plenty will be around the corner… Here are some of my thoughts so far, based on our first almost-week, and written in chunks as I’ve flitted from one hostel computer to the next. 

UPDATE: I’m finishing this off on a borrowed laptop and speed-uploading photos based on their thumbnails, so it’s a bit late and a bit unedited! Properly-selected pictures will be at your disposal at an indeterminate point in the future.

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