The twelve days of Christmas 1: Star Wars

Yes, it’s back by (moderately) popular demand: twelve cartoon mini-blogs in twelve days, because apparently Christmas isn’t stressful enough already. Here goes…

On Christmas-eve-eve, we drove to Cambridge (more on that later) and stopped off in Kettering to watch the new Star Wars. This was eminently enjoyable, especially since I got to wear my Darth Vader Christmas jumper. I’m not exactly a superfan, but I can’t resist a pun, so this is what I’ve been wearing for the last couple of days:

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 16.04.35

“I’m your father… Christmas” Mine’s actually blue, but I wasn’t feeling photogenic so you can have the online shopping picture.

It initially struck me as odd that the biggest film of this Christmas is The Force Awakens, a bit like when Rage Against the Machine got the Christmas number 1. Then I realised that the Star Wars franchise actually has a fair few things in common with everyone’s favourite festival of cheap foil decorations and fat men in red. Here are some examples:

  • Iconic music that everyone in the UK knows
  • Mixed regard in public opinion (treated by some with religious fervour, and by others as a ludicrous parody of itself)
  • Extremely exciting for most children
  • Prevalence of bright-coloured lights
  • Provision of extremely bad jokes (“May the fourth be with you” vs “Who is Santa afraid of? The Elf and Safety officer”)
  • Inheritance of superpowers as a major part of the plot
  • Triumph of good over evil as a major part of the plot
  • Takes place at least partially in a desert
  • Importance of striking astral phenomena

Following that last example, here’s today’s cartoon:

death star


2 thoughts on “The twelve days of Christmas 1: Star Wars

  1. Rowan, I’m one of your popular demanders, and moderate. Enjoying your 12 “Days of” blog. Christmas would not be the same without it. Please do keep this particular resolve going for 5 days into 2017. Looking forward to your rays of indiosyncratic sunshine thru 2017. Best wishes. Andy Oliver

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