The twelve days of Christmas 2: Road Trip

As I mentioned yesterday, we took an ambitious Christmas road trip this year. This was Mum’s fault idea – here’s the relaxing itinerary we followed:

  •  Christmas Eve-Eve:
    • 9am: make elaborate cake
    • Plan to leave at 10.30; leave in a panic at 11.00
    • Drive to Cambridge, with break in Kettering to watch Star Wars
    • Travel at leisurely pace until Kettering
    • At turnoff to Kettering, sit in stationary traffic until the film has started
    • Join audience 10 minutes into the main feature
    • Drive to aunt and uncle’s house in Cambridge
    • Miss turning. Panic due to distrust of satnav
    • Arrive, exhausted, around 5pm

The cake – another bakeoff recipe. Ended up looking more evil than planned

  • Christmas Eve
    • Panic about 12 days of Christmas blogs
    • Make mince pies
    • Decide on walk at 10am
    • Go for walk at midday due to unforseen circumstances (rain)
    • Have gluttonous lunch with elite-rower cousin and other elite rowers
    • Feel bad about own shambolic physical condition; eat more anyway
    • Lounge about until bedtime
  • Christmas Day:
    • Plan to leave at 9.50; leave in a slight panic at 10.10
    • Drive to aunt and uncle’s house in Oxford
    • Open presents
    • Have gluttonous lunch
    • Go for walk in delightful Christmassy warmth
    • Write first 12 days of Christmas blog
    • Make mince pies
    • Drive home in the dark along winding roads
    • Arrive home at 8pm
    • Open presents and eat soup
    • Watch Doctor Who
    • Sleep (much needed)
Scan 36.jpeg

Artistic license has been taken in a number of areas. Any resemblance to my family members is purely coincidental and may not be used in court.


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