The twelve days of Christmas 5: Deck the halls

My baby brother isn’t home for very long due to arduous January exams and (less eligible for sympathy) a week-long surfing trip to Fuertaventura. Being a model sibling, I thought I’d help him to condense as much Christmas as possible into his brief holiday by decorating his room.

A trip to Poundland with a budget of £5 yielded even more shiny tat than I’d anticipated. Using an excellent haul of foil-based fripperies (and some lovingly handmade extras), I created what I like to call the 3D WINTER WONDERLAND EXPERIENCE, pictured below.

Here’s what you need to recreate this stylish look in your own home:

  • 1 room with hooks, climbing holds, mezzanines and other assorted attachment points
  • 8 Poundland 9-metre foil garlands
  • Various stuffed toys (genuine property of Duncan) plus santa hats
  • Approx. 30m home-made paper chains
  • 1 inflatable snowman
  • 1 small, scratty Christmas tree, left over from my 13-year-old self’s ill-advised spending sprees. Suspend from the ceiling using glittery ribbon
  • Sundry decorative stockings
  • Assortment of handmade paper snowflakes
  • Several armfuls of holly, snapped off overhanging branches on the way back from the pub (N.B. Probably advisable in future to select non-straggly holly by using daylight to see it with)
  • Sellotape, bluetac and string

Weirdly, Duncan’s proclamations of gratitude didn’t seem all that genuine when he arrived home at 3am to find his room transformed into a festive grotto. He claims that it’s in some way inconvenient to have shiny things dangling from the ceiling between head and chest height, which I think is Missing The Point. Still, it got me thinking about other ways in which Christmas decorations can be inconvenient…



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