The 12 days of Christmas 1: Snow bro

Welcome once again to the Anglophone 12 Days of Christmas, my annual self-imposed penance for not doing enough cartoons during the rest of the year. If you think the lines are a bit shaky, it’s not my fault – we’ve just got back from a lovely Christmas pub trip. 

img_20161225_142040The first day of Christmas this year is dedicated to my baby brother, who’s left the UK behind for a year abroad in Australia. If you’ve seen his vlog you’ll know he’s been having an ostentatiously fantastic time, but it feels a bit weird not having him around at this time of year. In fact, it’s the first Christmas I can remember where the four of us haven’t all been together.

To fill the gaping void left by Lyster Junior, we’ve enlisted a stand-in in the form of the blow-up snowman pictured on the left. Snow Duncan is less talkative than Real Duncan, but otherwise he’s a passable substitute.

As for Real Duncan, I suspect we don’t need to worry too much about his wellbeing this festive season. He’s been taken in by a friendly Aussie family who have been feeding him barbied shrimps aplenty (yeah, I know the lingo), and he’ll no doubt be spending most of the next few weeks at the beach. Jealous? Me? Never…

Scan 2.jpg

Merry Christmas to all of you; I hope you’re having a wonderful and thoroughly drunken day. Look out for the next one of these tomorrow, and please like and share if you enjoy the cartoons – it dramatically increases my motivation to actually complete this 12-post marathon! 


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