The 12 days of Christmas 2: Typewriter

Boxing day is upon us already. For many, it’s a day of reflection: on how the time flies faster each year, on how we miss the friends and family who aren’t with us this Christmas, and on how we probably shouldn’t have eaten our own body weight in chocolate and roasties yesterday. It’s also a day of gloating over whatever new acquisitions we’ve made through the eternally wonderful tradition of gift-giving.

img_20161226_170844Taking pride of place in this year’s haul for me is a fully-functional 1940s typewriter from my parents. I’ve been wanting to buy this piece of aesthetically pleasing but obsolete technology for a long time, but couldn’t quite justify spending actual money on it. My hope is that by persuading someone else to buy the thing for me, I’ve made the whole business a tiny bit less obnoxiously hipsterish…

I do have half-decent reasons for wanting a typewriter, honest. I can type much faster and more legibly than I can write by hand, and I don’t like staring at a computer screen if I can help it, so what could be more practical than a keyboard with inbuilt instant printer? The only real issue with this solution is that the machine isn’t massively portable, and I have a feeling that sitting in a café writing on a noisy typewriter might make me even more reviled than your average millennial wifi-scrounger.



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