The 12 days of Christmas 4: Oh Christmas Tree

We’ve already reached the bit of Christmas where I don’t feel very Christmassy at all any more… there are no more presents, my clothes are feeling tight from days of overeating, and yet another cold has overwhelmed my puny immune system. The one thing still twinkling with festive cheer is our frankly excellent Christmas tree, selected and decorated by me and Mum.

We often get our Christmas tree from a local family who’ve been growing and selling them at eminently reasonably prices for years. The thing is, they’ve been growing and selling the same trees for some years, with the result that most of the remaining ones are a little on the large side. Since part of our house is a converted barn, we almost decided to make the most of the high ceiling and plump for a mighty  30-foot colossus of a conifer. But in the end we considered the size of the car, saw sense, and looked elsewhere for a slightly smaller model.




2 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas 4: Oh Christmas Tree

  1. We bought our tree very late this year, because SOMEONE insisted that we should wait for my sister to get back from uni (note that the one time I came back late for Christmas, from France, no one decided to wait for me) and due to the resultant paucity of trees, we had to employ all of our decorating skills to fill a massive gap between the branches. We did alright though.

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