The 12 days of Christmas 6: We whisk you a Mary Christmas

Before you get all uppity about the appalling puns in the title, bear in mind that I’m ill, so you have to be nice – and anyway, bad puns are the very essence of Bakeoff, which is the theme of today’s post. I’ve already aired my thoughts on the loss of Bakeoff from the BBC so I won’t bore you with another rant, but it was a slightly odd experience watching the Christmas episodes. For one thing, there just isn’t the same tension when it’s not a full series; the stakes are lower, and it’s less exciting as a result.

What’s more, based on the suspiciously abundant foliage glimpsed through the tent windows, I’m pretty sure the “Christmas” episode was filmed in July, making the festivities seem a bit forced. This begs the question of whether the Bakeoff stars knew at the time of filming that terrible, terrible changes were afoot… If anyone has the answer to this, I’m genuinely interested to find out whether they were faking their festive cheer, or whether they already knew that the beating heart of the show was about to be ripped out and stamped upon. I’m not bitter, really.

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2 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas 6: We whisk you a Mary Christmas

  1. I do not know when it was filmed, but I do know that they do the voiceovers much later, because Sue tweeted only a couple of weeks ago, saying that she’d done her last ever voiceover for GBBO and she was emotional as a result.

    Also if it WAS filmed in July, let’s just respect James’s dedication to wearing a woolly hat.

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