The 12 days of Christmas 12: Can of worms

By the time I reach the end of my Christmas cartooning marathon, Christmas itself usually seems quite a long time ago. And this year, what with starting a new life in the big smoke and a certain amount of internet-based drama, the novelty has worn off earlier than usual; I’ve begun to regret making such an extensive promise, although I’m pleased I’ve managed to fulfil it.

I have a feeling I might do my Christmas series differently next year. I’d like to spread my cartoons more evenly throughout the months, and doing 12 in a fortnight eats up an awful lot of time. I’ll have a think about how to cut the format down or space it out – if you have any thoughts about what you’d like to see (and aren’t an enraged Archers fans) then give me a shout.

On the subject of things that get out of hand, I thought it would be fitting to make the last cartoon of this festive season a tribute to the internet. Hopefully it speaks for itself…

Scan 20.jpg


4 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas 12: Can of worms

  1. Hi Rowan, really enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas! Thank you.
    I am eager to know how you are getting on in London. I hear from Laura that you got an interesting job.
    Since you don’t mention your work in your blog, I think may be I should not mention it in my comment.
    But let me know how you are getting on, and I am sure you might guess that I have more questions.

    All the best to you, may 2017 be an inspiring and energy packed year. xx Dorothee

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  2. Rowan,
    Just a quick, and delayed, note of appreciation that you persevered with the 12 Days. I particularly admire the illustrations. I hope the unlooked-for notoriety re The Archers hasn’t clipped your observing eye and creativity. Best Rgds Andy

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