Guest post: Period Positive

Hello. It’s been even more of a while than usual, but I promise I haven’t just gone AWOL – I have a few pieces in the works, which may emerge when life is less busy. But this is not one of those pieces.

It is in fact a Guest Post (because yeah, I have guests now, boom), continuing the period theme of my latest Anglophone offering from a different perspective.

It’s authored by Meg, a friend, linguist and writer on many and varied topics, and here’s a paraphrase of its origin story:

Whatsapp; Mid-july

Meg: Hey, nice PMS post. Also I kind of want to write the companion piece all about ew yucky blood, how about hosting it on Anglophone?
Me: Thankyou!! And yes please!

One week later

Meg: Here is a draft
Me: Brilliant! I’ll write an intro and publish it this weekend

Over a month elapses

Me: Hey, I finally wrote that intro…

And now, at last, here we are – the delay is my fault entirely. Since Meg is definitely eloquent enough to speak for herself, I’ll let her take it from here.

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